Friday, July 29, 2011

~Bjewel, Harve' Benard~

While shopping for my summer visit to Washington I came across this shirt by Harve' Benard. I fell in love with the delicate lace around the sleeves, the bow in the front, and the feminine little cap sleeves. Upon trying it on I knew it was made for me and had to get it.

On my way to the check out counter I spotted this dress made by "Bjewel" and almost decided not to get it simply because I already had picked out 5 new dresses. I showed it to my mom and she insisted that we add it to the cart. Since then this has been my absolute favorite outfit to wear when I go out. The hem is too long for me, so if I don't wear at least a 2 inch healed sandal it pools around my feet like a melted popsicle and drags along the ground.

While in a hotel elevator with my Mennonite friend Valerie, a woman stepped in and looked at the two of us. I was wearing this outfit and Valerie was wearing her traditional Mennonite dress and prayer cap. The lady across from us smilingly asked "Were you girls in a play?" we politely smiled and replied, "No ma'am, these are our normal clothes." She smiled but looked very confused and bewildered. We had quite a laugh to ourselves after the lady got off on her floor and we both agreed that we had always wondered what people were thinking when they stared so intently. Valerie commented "Now we know!"

Later that day a lady from Sweden, and a lady from Russia stopped me and commented on my dress. They both said that it looked like the traditional dresses they wore as girls in their countries and asked what my nationality was. I said I knew I had some Scandanavian in me and they said I definitely looked it with my eye and hair color, and the dress. After that conversation my sisters and I refer to this as the Scandanavian Princess dress.

Wishing a very happy summer to you all!


  1. Your story made me smile because one of my best friends is ex-Amish and wears a cape dress and veiling. We get some very bizarre looks when we're out together, and once a guy asked me if "that girl you're with is a nun."

    Um, anyways, yeah...I love reading your blog and seeing the's always an encouragement to me to dress "nicely" as well as modestly. :-) God bless!

  2. Don't people come up with the most interesting conclusions!? :)

    Thanks for your comment. I think it's important that girls understand and realize that dressing modestly does not mean that you have to dress dumpy! I try to convey as much as possible that Modest can be fashionable and beautiful, and should be a reflection of the heart. :)

    Love and blessings,