Thursday, May 24, 2012

~Modest Swimwear~

As we embark upon the summer season, with it often comes the rather dreaded dilemma of locating a decent swimsuit that is still somewhat fashionable and available at an affordable price. In years past we have spent much time looking in stores and on the internet in hopes of finding something that would do. Last year I discovered a swim set at Stage that worked quite nicely and my mom found some nice board shorts for ladies there as well. They didn't have my size, but we were able to order a pair of them online, which were on sale for $14.99. Today I was pleased to discover that Wal*Mart is carrying some of the rashguard type tops for $12! :) 

All set and ready for some water play! ;)
I was very satisfied with the combination of garments together and am looking forward to being able to feel decent in what I'm wearing in addition to still being somewhat fashionable and girly! ;)

I know the hunt for modest swimwear can be quite the challenge...and at times a bit discouraging, but don't lose heart, there are some better options out there!