Sunday, August 14, 2011


While visiting friends in Kentucky we were introduced to Cato. The girls we were staying with all had the most adorable skirts and every time I would ask "where'd you get that?" the answer was always "Cato." Our mothers went shopping and brought back bags of Cato clothes, and on our way home from church all of us girls went on a Cato shopping spree.
The skirts are adorable and modest, and you can't walk into that store without buying at least one thing (at least we couldn't). Sizes range from little girls 7-16 to womens plus sizes, and their sales are incredible! Most of the skirts we bought were marked down to under $10.00, and their accesories are fabulous!

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  1. hi, I'm a regular reader and love the encouragement you give about dressing modestly. I was wondering does cato have a website? I would love to check it out!
    a sister in Christ(;