Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring Outfit Mix and Match

Spring arrived with all of it's floral glory quite a few weeks ago, and I'm just now finding the time to make a post on spring outfits. I recently found two shirts that I've been able to mix and match with my casual and church clothes.
This first peach shirt is from a brand name called "Timing" and was found at Gabriel Brothers. My skirt is from Style J and was posted on here last year when I first purchased it.
This second shirt was found at Ross and is from "Cotton Express." While it looks like nothing more than a basic white dress shirt the thing I liked about it most was that it isn't transparent and you don't have to layer on the somewhat bulky undershirts to keep everything covered.

Here is a combination of both outfits. The frills on the front and the scrunched sleeves make it dressy enough to match my church skirts, and the cotton material goes well with my casual clothes.
~Happy Spring!~


  1. Lovely finds Jacqueline! :D I really like items that you can mix and match with can really stretch one's wardrobe and it's fun to be creative and come up with different looks with the same item. ;) Enjoyed the post! Have a blessed day! :)

  2. Thanks Chloe! I agree. Mixing and matching saves on money and can make your wardrobe look much more extensive. Plus it takes creativity and it's fun to see what kind of outfits you can come up with. Blessings to you too! :D

  3. That pink shirt is adorable!