Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~Winter Coats~

One thing I enjoy during the winter time is getting bundled up in a fashionable coat and being ready to face the weather. We've been hit with an abundance of snow and ice storms over the past few weeks and the cold season has provided plenty of opportunity to wear one of my favorite long wool coats. The name brand is "George" and I love the design. The length allows for more coverage and warmth, and the belt around the waistline looks fashionable while enabling the coat to fit just right.


  1. I found your blog a while ago and just wanted to say how encouraging it is! As another lady who wants to dress in a feminine, Christ glorifying way its great to see fashionable but still modest clothing out there on young ladies! great coat and beautiful!

    In Christ,

  2. I really like your coat, Jacqueline! What a pretty style...and your skirt is really fun too! (I like plaids!) ;) Great post! :D

  3. Rebecca: Thank-you for your kind and encouraging comment! It's such a blessing to hear that there are other young ladies out there looking to dress modestly. :)

    Chloe: Thanks! I really like it too. ;)