Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall is Here!

Fall is here! Its my favorite time of year with all of the color and beauty of the changing leaves, crisp cold weather, jackets, sweaters and plaid skirts!
Here's just a few fall outfits from last week....
I'll post more soon!

One of the best things about Fall is that you can layer your clothes. Here, my jacket is from Romy(it was a birthday gift so I'm not sure what else they sell) , the shirt is from Ann Taylor, the skirt is from Eddie Bauer, and the shoes are from Payless.

Eddie Bauer carries a lot of Corduroy skirts and they usually ha
ve pretty good sales. The brown skirt below is from Eddie Bauer and the sweater is from Aeropostale. (They have good sweater sales not much else I would buy there)

One of my favorite plaid skirts from Christopher&Banks. The sweater is from JC Penny and the shoes are from MUDD.

Ross has a lot of cute shirts you just have to look hard to find the modest ones, or for some you can just wear a t-shirt under-neath... This shirt is from Ross and the skirt is from Canyon River Blues.

Here my skirt is from Sears, the jacket from Romy, and the scarf and boots from Ross.


  1. Did you find the brown cordory skirt this year? I have been looking for one..... Also, I love your plaid skirt from Christopher & Banks! It looks exactly like one I have....:) Love you!

  2. Oh, you're so beautiful, Jocelyn. :) You model skirts very nicely! :) Did you get a new hair cut? I really like Ann Taylor and Eddie Bauer products. They can have some very "modest finds" there. :)
    Thank you for the pics!
    ~Miss Raquel

  3. I've been having a hard time putting together fall outfits lately, so thanks for the inspiration. =) I always have such a difficult time finding modest camisoles or slim, light t-shirts to layer under my clothes, and I cringe to pay $20 for one when I do find it! Any suggestions?
    It was AWESOME to see Alexis in your pictures, looking pretty, perky, and healthy. =)

  4. Mikaela, I know of a web sight that sales light, slim and comfortably modest camisoles, along with high cap sleeve tees. It's called, just go to the "Basics" and you will see the layering options. I believe that the cami's are under $12 not including tax, but it is worth it to spend this much. I hope that's helpful!

    Oh, and I like the fall fashions Jaqueline! Fall is my favorite season.

    ~AndraLea Rose

  5. Sarah: No, I found it last year. Let me know if you find any this year! Love you too :)

    Miss Raquel: Thank-you. Yes, I got my hair cut for my 20th birthday :) Yes, Eddie Bauer and Ann Taylor have some good clothes!

    Mikaela: Your welcome! :) I know what you mean, I've been able to find cheaper camisoles at: Wal-Mart, Target, and at Kohls. Where do you usually get yours?
    Yes! Its so exciting that Alexis is back to normal! thanks for the prayers!!