Sunday, July 5, 2009


Just the other day, my sister and I were shopping at the P.X and found tons of cute, modest, summer shirts by the name brand "Speechless." One of my favorite ones that we found was in Navy Blue and I mentioned to her that I hoped we could find the same shirt in White, and we did. I wore it yesterday for the Fourth of July, with my favorite Style J denim skirt.
They sell the same shirts at Sears.


  1. I've never heard of the brand name "Speechless" before but that shirt is really cute! I love the Style J skirts too--I've never found demin skirts anywhere that I like better than Style J's.

  2. Oh, and I really like the new blog background too! =)

  3. I think it might be just a little girls brand (since the shirts were from the girls section)
    I know they do have it at Sears though.
    Glad you like the new look! :)