Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week of Modest Dress

My friend Sarah suggested that I do a "week of modest dress" post, and make a post each day for a week about what I wore that day, where I found it, what I did in that particular outfit, and different things to give girls ideas of what they can wear when doing just about anything, so here's day One! :)
This is one of my favorite summer shirts(especially because it's pink). I found it at Kohls in the juniors section and, found the skirt at the Burlington Coat Factory also in the juniors section.
I wore this outfit because I was going out shopping and took my twin sisters out for an ice-cream date. It's light and cool on a hot day and perfect for running around town in! the shirt by itself tends to be a little low cut, so I wear a white camisole underneath. :)


  1. Very cute! You have nice taste.

  2. Pink and white looks so pretty together!
    Have you ever been to There are some cute outfits there! There is a blog too at

  3. Esther, and Ange:
    Thank-you! :)

    It's one of my favorite color combinations! so soft and pretty :) no I've never been to the website or the blog but I'll have to check them out!