Monday, March 2, 2009

Christopher and Banks

I first heard of Christopher and Banks, when I was about 13 and they carried a lot more skirts in the stores then they do now, but they do still sell some and usually ones without slits in them.
Here's a couple of pictures of my favorite denim skirts from there, this skirt has served me well during camping trips, snow, rain, shopping, gardening, pretty much any and every occasion, and is my absolute favorite for house cleaning! :)
~ click on this link for a C&B store locator


  1. Sometimes the hardest part of dressing modestly and fashionably in finding cute modest tops as well as skirts. I've see some pics. of you in some cute tops. Maybe you could share some of your finds and where you have the most luck finding them!

  2. Hi Ange,
    We find our tops in a LOT of different places!
    The White shirt in the first picture is from Ross, You can really find a lot of good ones there you just have to look hard!
    The pink sweater in the top picture is from a store that you wouldn't imagine could sell ANYTHING modest but they have really great sweater sales for girls and that is Aeropostale(that sweater was originally $90.00 because it's wool and cashmere and I got it for $15.00) I also get a lot of my shirts from Wal-Mart in the Girls section, and Kohls has some good ones (every once in a while) but you have to make sure they're on sale! Sears also has some good shirts a lot of the cutest ones are in the girls section but they also have some decent ones in the Juniors.
    You can find cute modest tops in a lot of places you just have to look, and look hard!
    ~hope this helps!