Sunday, January 25, 2009

Style J

After months of looking for a long denim skirt without slits, that's stylish, and classy, I finally came across this website:
Since modest clothing is becoming more difficult to find, I decided to create a blog where I can post on any websites or sales that I find. If you have any suggestions or websites to add feel free to leave a comment!
~Hope this is helpful! :)


  1. Hi Jacqueline,

    J.Jill, Orvis, and Coldwater Creek always have long skirts in their catalogs and websites. They can be pretty expensive, but often have good sales.

    New Creation Apparel has a lot of long skirts, for more reasonable prices. I have skirts from all of these places, and really like them.

    This blog is a good idea! I like all the pictures of you and your sisters that you post on your other blog, because they give me lots of ideas for feminine and modest outfits:-)

  2. Jaime R. told me about this company. She purchased some skirts from them and they turned out to be much longer then she thought. You also have to be really careful in measuring to get the right fit. FYI!!

  3. Renee': Thanks for the suggestions! :)

    Sarah: Good to know, I just ordered one and figured that I'd probably need to get it tailored. Thanks for the info :)

  4. This is a really helpful blog for girls searching for modesty in an immodest society! I'm looking forward to your next post... Thanks for your comment on my blog, isn't raw milk fun (and yummy)?